Sunday, August 26, 2012

menu plan monday

sunday: Renaissance Festival- how many non-historically accurate, bad for me foods can I eat today?

monday: lunch: pizza
dinner: Jake's first cross country meet, shredded BBQ pork sandwiches, chips, melon, vegies

tuesday: lunch: fish and chips
dinner: New Orleans style shimp en papillote, rice, salad

wednesday: lunch: raviolis
dinner: Open House. chili, scoops

thursday: lunch: sandwiches, chips, vegies
dinner: pasta, salad, garlic bread

friday: lunch: buffalo chicken wraps, fries, vegies
dinner: asian style steak pizza, salad

saturday: lunch: mac and cheese, vegies
dinner: chicken, potatoes, green beans

Sunday, August 19, 2012

menu plan monday

sunday: lunch: hotdogs, chips, fruit salad
dinner: risotto with corn, roasted peppers and pepperjack cheese, corn muffins, melon, pretty good recipe- though it needed some crunch factor- the texture was kind of blah...

monday: lunch: sandwiches, chips, vegies
dinner: bbq chicken, grilled potato packets, corn, melon

tuesday: lunch: buffalo chicken wraps, vegies
dinner: Shredded pork, mashed potatoes, green beans

wednesday: lunch: taquitos, fruit
dinner: scott cooks. spaghetti, garlic bread, salad

thursday: lunch pizza
dinner: scott. cooks. stuffed peppers, (though we are adding a little ground pork per scotts request), salad, melon

friday: lunch: chicken nuggets, fries
dinner: pizza night, salad (too hot to start the oven so I grilled some pork chops- made a cheater bag of idaho mashed potatoes, watermelon and salad)

saturday: lunch: raviolis
dinner: roast chicken, baby new potatoes, carrots (once again too hot to roast in the oven.... and my mom delivered me a ton of cherry tomatoes again so I used the leftover sausage from spaghetti night and made a quick pasta with the tomatoes, sausage, and lots of garlic! I'm thinking with the rest of the tomatoes that I will oven roast them and make "sun-dried" tomatoes....

Monday, August 13, 2012

menu plan monday

sunday: lunch: quesadillas, melon
dinner: bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, berries

monday: lunch: sandwiches, chips, vegies
dinner: vietnamese noodle salad (with shrimp)- sort of like a spring rolls without the roll! melon

tuesday: lunch: buffalo chicken wraps, chips, vegies
dinner: taco monkey bread, lettuce, chips/guac

wednesday: lunch: pizza
dinner: scott cooks. crockpot orange chicken with stirfry vegies, rice, eggrolls

thursday: lunch: chicken nuggets, fries
dinner: scott cooks. steak, potatoes, salad

friday: lunch: sandwiches, chips, vegies
dinner: pizza night, salad

saturday: lunch: kids' choice
dinner: pasta with white ragu, garlic bread, salad

Monday, August 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Lunch: Taquitos, grapes
              Dinner: Pesto Pasta with sausage and garden cherry tomatoes, bread, salad

Monday: Lunch: Kids choice
              Dinner: At parents- I'm bringing fruit

Tuesday: Lunch: Thai beef cabbage cups, fruit
              Dinner: Night to Unite with neighbors, hotdogs, chips

Wednesday: Lunch: Sandwiches, chips, vegies
              Dinner: Scott cooks. Beef and Jalapeno sausages, mac and cheese, salad

Thursday: Lunch: Chicken nuggets, fries, vegies
              Dinner: Scott cooks. Turkey Dinner casserole, green beans

Friday: Lunch: Leftovers
              Dinner: Pizza, salad

Saturday: Lunch: Kids' choice
              Dinner: Buffalo chicken wings, sweet potato wedges, fruit, green beans