Sunday, September 16, 2012

menu plan monday

sunday: grilled chicken and pepper kabobs with spicy sweet chili sauce ( my friend Amanda had given be some burning bush peppers last week- It scared me with what to do with them because I have only ever had habeneros in jerk chicken... so, instead of a salsa, I made a sweet chili sauce with them and we used it for a dip... it made enough for 2 dinners so we are having the other batch this week), rice and eggrolls

monday: breakfast for dinner. Chive and cheddar frittata with home fries, fruit

tuesday: scott "cooks". Crockpot beef stew, bread

wednesday: scott cooks. Baked Potato bar, salad, fruit

thursday: scott "cooks". Crab Alfredo Pasta with breadsticks, salad

friday: pizza night! Can I push my luck and make a roasted potato, rosemary and goat cheese flatbread? that could be 3 potential vegie days this week? Will Scott and the boys notice?

saturday: roasted chicken with lemon and herb butter, roasted potatoes, carrots

Can you tell by my menu that potatoes were on sale BOGO last week?

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