Sunday, July 17, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

A heatwave week- avoiding the oven as much as I can in the early part of the week....

Sunday: Pasta with Pesto, bacon, and CSA peas, salad, garlic bread (Lunch: sandwiches on the boat)

Monday: CSA eggs, toast, homemade sausage patties, berries (Lunch: stovetop mac and cheese)

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, CSA vegie (Lunch: TBD) CSA potatoes! I didn't mash them- just boiled, added butter and chives and slightly squished... yum!

Wednesday: Date Night. I got the free lettuce wrap coupon from PF Changs so we will be enjoying a dinner out. Kids get pizza. (Lunch: hotdogs, chips)

Thursday: Scott cooks. Red Beans and Rice, Salad (Lunch: Pizza)

Friday: Salmon, Rice, CSA vegie (Lunch: Fishsticks, fries) I did Homemade Pizza Night! I had extra sausage from Thursday and it is Friday! Poor salmon got booted again!

Saturday: Dad's Birthday Dinner??? TBD (Lunch: kids choice) I actually made Baked Ziti inspired by this recipe. Only I added ground beef, extra garlic, and CSA spinach.

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