Sunday, February 6, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Chicken Caeser Salad, rolls (and appetizers and treats TBD)
Monday: Slow Cooker Curried Vegies and Chickpea Stew over rice (not a winner- kind of sad about this one)
Tuesday: Bacon Wrapped Chicken breast, boursin mashed potatoes, vegie (This actually was bumped for beef stew- and leftover rolls from sunday)
Wednesday: Scott cooks. Breakfast for Dinner, Eggs, hashbrowns and toast
Thursday: Scott cooks. Ham, cheesy potatoes, vegies (This was actually bumped for french bread pizza)
Friday: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, salad (This actually was fettucini alfredo with crab)
Saturday: Date night? TBD (This actually was chicken fajitas and strawberries)

I also want to make...
Blueberry Breakfast Cakes (Yum- made these twice for me and the boys for breakfast! Recipe said it only makes 2 but we made 3)

PB Butterscotch Chippers

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