Sunday, January 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Chorizo and Black Bean soup, cornbread (Yummy- but I should have drained some of the grease- The cornbread recipe is amazing!)

Monday: Scott's gone, Pancakes and sausage?

Tuesday: Kung Pao Chicken Wings, Stir fry peppers and pea pods, rice, Egg rolls (very good change from my normal buffalo-style. I actually made a lo-mein with noodles and vegies-peppers, carrots, pea pods, green onions- instead of the rice)

Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs, noodles, mixed vegies

Thursday: Ham Steak, cheesy potatoes, green beans

Friday: Bean and Cheese Burritos, fruit (Easy- and, since I doubled the batch, I had leftovers for Sunday for me and the boys!)

Saturday: Steak, fingerling potatoes, salad

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  1. Your plan sounds absolutely lovely :-)